by Cup Check

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Debut EP. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Word of Mouth Recordings with Joe Scaletta.


released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Cup Check Chicago, Illinois

Cup Check is a female fronted Alternative band from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Thank you for your continued support!

Cup Check is...
Alex- Guitar



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Track Name: Headaches
all i can say is
thank god i dont think about you
i dont know why i wasted so much time
you drained me of all my good attributes
you made me someone who i didnt want to be
Track Name: Arrow
we talk all day and into the night
never a dull moment
not even one single fight
as the skies got darker
my feelings grew stronger
at times i felt weightless, unable to breath
you always brought out the best in me

whats a candle without a fire
whats a book without the story
whats music without a melody
whats a movie without the plot
something thats not worth my time

remember those nights we stayed up super late
watching the show that you got me obsessed with
you had fallen in love with the girl on the tv
and i wished so bad that it couldve been me
but now my eyes have grown wide
and now see who you are
you stole part of my life and ill never get it back
theres a hole in my heart that even cement
can not fill

you made me so nervous
you made me weak
you took my heart away from me
now i know that youre useless
not worthy of me
get off of my mind
and stay the fuck away from me
Track Name: South Barrington
growing up you taught me that separation was unimportant
it didn't matter how near or far
you love was unconditional
no matter the obstacles we face
you'll always be my saving grace

early in November you said
"i have done so much with so little
i can do anything with nothing"
you wear your heart on your sleeve
it's tattoo'd on your forearm
you mean more to me than you'll ever believe

growing up things didn't come so easily
i have to thank you for teaching me how to breathe
every thing you do meant so much more than what meets the eye
you taught me how to love
how to dream
and how to be

i have done so much with so little
i can do anything with nothing
Track Name: Don't Trip (feat. Matt Hasenmueller)
you were the epitome of perfect
i never thought i find
someone like you
you swore to me that youd never leave me all alone
now look at what youve done to me
im stranded at north & 83
trying to find
whats left of me

ive tried my whole life
to find something worth
living for
i finally had it
in my grasp
but it turned out to be
not worth it for me

i made it through twenty thirteen
the first year i was all on my own
i was taught so many things
that all made me grow
into the person that i am
two thousand fourteen was basically a joke
i learned that betrayal is the only truth that sticks

can anyone tell me whats wrong with me
tell me when i can finally breath easy